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Home Solar

Upgrade your home with solar panels, save on your electric bill,* reduce your carbon emissions, and make your home more resilient.
National Grid will offer $1,000 on a new solar energy system and an additional
$1,000 if you purchase an EV+Solar

Is Solar a Good Fit for You?

National Grid has partnered with EnergySage to offer our customers and employees a simple and easy way to shop for solar and storage.**

*Actual savings will depend on several factors, including, product type, system production, geography, weather, shade, electricity usage, tax credits, and utility rates.
**The $1,000 incentive is provided directly by National Grid, not via the EnergySage marketplace, contractors, or installers.

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Partnership Discounts

Combine your National Grid incentive with the following Partnership Discounts:

SunRun provides incentives of up to $600 for installing solar
and $1,000 for installing solar and storage.

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Energy Storage

A battery storage system can provide peace of mind during outages and a cleaner and healthier alternative to diesel or propane generators.

National Grid will offer $1,500 on a new battery storage system* and an additional
$1,000 if you purchase an EV+Storage

Combine your National Grid incentive with the following partnership discounts:

(Solar + Storage Combo Only)

SunRun discount of $1,000 off solar+storage package.

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Is Battery Storage a Good Fit for You?

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Heat Pumps

Save money on energy, make your home more comfortable, and reduce your carbon emissions!

The EV Central program offers National Grid employees $1,500 off ground-source heat pumps and up to $1,000 off air-source heat pumps*

...not to mention rebates and incentives that may be available from your local utility, state energy department, and/or the federal government!

What exactly are heat pumps, and how do they work? Check out this article on Grid:Home, or check out the videos below for more info!

*Subject to all qualification criteria. See the "Smart Home Technology Questions" section on the EV Central FAQ page for more information.

Home Energy Monitoring + Home Awareness: Sense

Home energy monitoring devices like Sense can help you track electricity use and costs in-real time right from your phone. See how much electricity you're using, what time your kids got home, or when a basement light comes on.

National Grid will offer a $100 incentive on your new Sense monitor.

Plus, receive additional 15% off via the National Grid partnership discount.
Sense Monitor

Sense discount of 15% off purchase.

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Find an Installer

RISE Engineering is experienced at installing Sense Monitors, and offers National Grid Employees a pre-negotiated partnership rate for MA ($200), RI ($175), NY (request a quote).

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