Information and recommendations on electric car charging.

Home Charging Options

Plug in Everywhere
(Level 1 Charger)

Comes with the vehicle
(no equipment required)

Simply plug your vehicle into a standard outlet in your garage or anywhere an outlet is available. Provides 2-5 miles of charge per hour of charging. Typically takes 17-24 hours for a full charge.

Fast Charging at Home
(Level 2 Charger)

Upgrade to a faster charger

To get a faster charge, install a charger at your house through a 240 Volt AC outlet (similar to a clothes dryer). Provides 12-30 miles of charge per hour of charging. Typically takes 4-6 hours for a full charge. Requires equipment and a licensed electrician (see National Grid partnership discounts below).

Attention New York EV owners!

Time of Use Rates Available

Upstate NY National Grid electric customers can reduce costs with the voluntary time-of-use rate (SC-1 VTOU) by charging electric vehicle during the off-peak hours of 11pm to 7am. For more details visit

Find Charging Equipment & Installers

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Find a Certified Installer

QMerit can help you find a local, certified installer with experience installing plug-in electric vehicle chargers.
Or, you can use your favorite electrician.

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