EV Central by National Grid

*Vehicle purchases/leases of $50 K MSRP and above will receive only $1,500
An innovative pilot to make EVs and Smart Home tech more
affordable, accessible and understandable for National Grid Employees.

National Grid Incentives. Partner Discounts. State and Federal Rebates. Education.

Earn more when you bundle EVs+Solar/Storage.

EV Central extended into FY2021! For new incentive rates click here.

Why? Bring Energy to Life

Join this pilot to save money, lead by example, and inform a future customer offering.
You will also be helping our states meet their climate change goals.

Benefits of battery electric vehicles (BEV)
and Plug-in Hybrids (PHEV)

Cost Savings &

State, Federal, National Grid, Automaker savings up to $25,000

Charging with electricity is roughly the same as gas at $1.75/gallon

Extended Range

Ten models with 200+ miles range. Many more coming soon.

Drive from Albany to the ResWoods office on one charge!

Models Available

EV’s and PHEV’s come as SUVs, Sedans, Minivans. Larger vehicles and pickups trucks coming soon.

EV’s are fun to drive: More torque, smooth, quiet, powerful & auto-preheating

Charging Everywhere

172 charging ports at 27 National Grid work locations.

More than 3,300 charging outlets in MA, RI and NY, and counting.

Exclusive Deals for National Grid Employees


Up to $19,500 off
Nissan Leaf*

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Up to $9,375 off
Tesla Model 3*

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Up to $14,436 off the Mitsubishi Outlander*

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EV or Plugin Hybrid of your choice!

Combine your Federal, State, and National Grid Incentive to any EV or Plugin Hybrid

Other EV Options

Smart Home Technologies

Electric Vehicles 101

Used with the permission of the Energy Saving Trust.

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Employee Testimonials

  • I love how quiet the car is. I’ve never missed pumping gas in the winter. It’s easy to charge at home, like my cell phone.Mark Siegal
  • I love not having to take my car for oil changes.Beth Delahaij
  • EVs have quiet, smooth power, and they’re fun to ‘one pedal’ drive using the regenerative braking, rarely touching the brake pedal. It’s convenient that my car re-charges while at work or home, and also fun talking to people we meet at Tesla Superchargers when we’re on road trips.Mark Sevier
  • The power band of my EV is so even that I find gas powered vehicles unresponsive now. It’s perfect for commuting to work.John Karlin
  • I can start pre-heating my EV while it’s still in the garage and I don’t have to worry about tailpipe emissions because there is no tailpipe!Sarah Basham
  • I love my Leaf. I have enjoyed planning my trips to incorporate places to recharge. As my husband says… it requires you to stop and smell the roses.Joan Madden
  • The car is so smooth & quiet while accelerating, and really a pleasure to drive. You get spoiled never having to stop for gas, and it really feels like a chore when you DO have to stop for your ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) car. Virtually zero maintenance too – no oil changes, rotting exhaust system, emission controls, belts…etc. – just tires & wiper blades.David Velardocchia
  • I love the new EV. It drives so quiet, surprisingly there is a lot of room in the Bolt, and it is a solid vehicle. The only time I fill up on gas is when I travel and need to get a gas-vehicle as a rental!! And now as I see the gas prices go up, I get more excited about owning an EV because I know I am saving money. Rachel Redden

Want to learn more? Check out this document: Cleaner Cars from Cradle to Grave